Startereum is a token native platform that allows its community to discover, rank and purchase valuable tokens in a distributed manner without the need for a centralized committee or decision maker. It creates new value for each of its stakeholders:
  • For projects: Access to feedback, recognition and early token sales.
  • For players: Engagement, learning, opportunities for early token purchase.
  • For investors: Ranked token dealflow with other advisory information.

Gamified Consensus Platform for Ranking Token Projects

Startereum platforms offers its community a small set of Token Weighted Ranking (TWR) games to play each day. These games involve staking tokens on one of two teams in a competitive head to head evaluation. You may win or lose tokens over the course of those games, but as a result of game play projects come to be ranked along specific dimensions.

Opportunities for Early Token Purchase

Over the course of game play, players may be offered limited opportunities to purchase tokens which were (i) preferred by them and (ii) appearing in the top quintile of all tokens ranked.

Smack Feedback to Early Stage Projects

Early stage token projects may chose to list with the platform not only because they might be selected for token purchase by the community, but also because they receive smack feedback from players on the merits of their proposition.

Community Supported On-boarding and Verification

Community members themselves verify project information provided by teams and render their content as ready for game play. This ensures rapid scalability for the platform as a whole.

Subscription Access to Platform Ranking

Institutions and Individuals may access the community’s ranked sorting for a fee. It may also serve as the basis for our future security token offering which invests into this sorted and filtered dealflow.

About Startereum Token

Startereum token is a utility token employed in staking and rewarding actors through the community’s consensus algorithm, which is called Token Weighted Ranking. It is also used to incentivise other community activities such as verification, validation and other specialized interactions.

  • Growing User Demand in an Engaging and Rewarding Game


  • ERC 20 Standard on Ethereum


Dr. Aditya Dev Sood
Chairman & Founder, Startup Tunnel
Sasu Ristimäki
Founder, SRI Capital
Priyanka Ahuja
Director, Startup Tunnel
Aayush Srivastava
Product Lead

Saurabh Arora
Founder & CEO, Airwoot
Sunil Agarwal
Director of Trustmachines Blockchain Advisor
Sandeep Sangli
Co Founder, EasterEgg Pte Ltd
Kunal Nandwani
Cofounder and CEO at Hashcove Limited
Ritesh Modi
Architect, Evangelist and Microsoft Regional Lead - MCT

Startereum Accelerator is supported by organizations, domain specific mentors & technology experts all over India, in Singapore, Finland & Silicon Valley. The unique venture camp takes your product and business to another level.

Community Leaders

Kartik Sharma
Sangeethasruthi S
Financial Planner and Consultant
Program Partners

Vishwanathan Sahasranamam
Co-Founder & CEO, FORGE Innovation Accelerator
Abhishek Sanghvi
Co Founder, Swan Angel Fund
Amit Singh
MD, Headstart Network Foundation

Sameer Gupta
Director, Future First Group FZ LLC
Jay Kannaian
CEO & Co-founder, Smart Air Filter
Nalin Agarwal
India Catalyst, New Energy Nexus
Namrata Mehta
Mentor & Independent Innovation Consultant
Bhaskar Ghosh
VP of Engineering & Operations, NerdWallet
Mrutunjay Mishra
Co-Founder, Juxt Smart Mandate
Rakesh Mishra
Arpit Agarwal
Principal, Blume Ventures
Prajakt Raut
Founding Partner, The Growth Labs
Dipesh Garg
Jatin Modi
CEO, FrogIdeas
Apurva Chamaria
Vice-President & Head - Corporate Marketing, HCL Tech
Nischal Dua
Founder, The Remote Life
Ashish Mehra
Senior Manager, NetApp
Amit Pande
Senior Director, Product Marketing at Tact
Anjali Krishnan
Nishant Jain
CEO, Design For Use
Sandeepan Banerjee
Miten Mehta
Kabir Kumar
Sandy Sharma